Enhance Netflix Experience for Better time Quality – Guide

Those tips works whether you are streaming on an Xbox, PlayStation, iPad, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV or the apps on your Smart TV. If you feel like you keep watching the same movies and TV shows on the Netflix homepage, it’s because the streaming company adapts its recommendations to your liking through a highly specific algorithm. But if you’re into something different, Netflix breaks down every movie and TV show into over 76,000 hidden categories, ranging from “Action & Adventure” to as detailed as “Critically Acclaimed Funny Movies of the 1930s”.

On a computer, choose the right browser for the best experience

It’s no longer necessary to use your computer to watch Netflix, but did you know that your browser can affect the quality of the video you watch? Use Chrome or Firefox to watch and the resolution will automatically be capped at 720p, which is still good quality, but a little restrictive. If you want a better experience, use Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome and Firefox.

Overcome offline problem on Mac with this guide

If you are a Mac user, you will not be able to download Netflix content to watch offline. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Netflix app for Macs. This is especially problematic if you want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go.

Use Netflix Roulette feature

Netflix is ​​famous for the sheer number of options that viewers can choose from, but it can sometimes be a challenge to decide what you want to see next. Nothing seems to take you out, even if you have a long list. Try using Netflix Roulette if you find yourself in this situation to find a TV show or movie that you might otherwise have missed.

Decrease the buffer with these tips

Buffer is a real pest; you watch the chosen title, dive into the story and have fun, then the buffered message appears up – you immediately get out of the story and cause a bit of annoyance. While there are no ways to completely eliminate buffers – the amount of buffering you have to deal with depends on the strength and speed of your Wi-Fi connection – you should be able to minimize incidents by experimenting with your playback settings. To enter these settings, select “Your Accounts” and then “Playback Settings” by logging into your account. Look from there to modify the “High” or “Auto” setting of “Data Usage” so that you are more likely to buffer, then try switching to “Medium” to see if things improve.

Plan to check for title changes every month by setting a monthly reminder

Netflix titles change constantly; certain titles are removed each month – usually the first titles – while others are added. So you will know, for example, how to prioritize items on your watchlist and the opportunity to test new versions as they become available. You can therefore stay in touch with what comes and go and improve your Netflix viewing. Several sites offer full monthly updates on title selection changes so that Google’s “Netflix Changes” [Month] [Year]” diary will be recorded every month.

Last but not least, here’s a Netflix”trick” you should never do

The Netflix unblock service is one of the easiest and most common ways for Canadian Netflix subscribers to gain access to non-Canadian content. However, even though this is incredibly compelling and could very well help us achieve our goal of “getting the most out of Netflix”. The fact that content is mostly blocked is a sensitive legal issue, and if you detect usage of a service, Netflix will raise an alarm and refuse to stream content.

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