The EVA 2020 was successful in giving outstanding true wireless with a strong sound that was on par with Final Audio IEMs even in their first foray into Bluetooth. The UX3000 is the first over-ear Bluetooth headphone from Final Audio. The final UX3000, the company‘s first wireless ANC headphones with hybrid active noise-canceling technology, is an exciting first product from a well-known and long-time participant in audio hardware.

Final Audio UX3000 review: Design

The UX3000 headphones have a distinctive textured surface that is reminiscent of the body of an expensive camera, but without the chilly sensation on the hand because it is made of plastic. Shibo is a Japanese word that refers to wrinkling on the surface of leather or paper that Final uses to describe it. Practically speaking, it implies that the headphones have a high level of resistance to smudges and fingerprints, which is a major advantage in our book. In addition to adding a distinctive touch to an otherwise plain pair of all-black headphones, we also think it looks rather fantastic. On the same token, though, we can also picture that not everyone likes the styling as much. It all comes down to personal preference, as always. The earcups of the headphones are nice and plush and are covered in a leatherette fabric. They weigh only about 260 grammes. The headband is pretty adjustable and has some minor padding, however it fits larger heads better. Therefore, you can experience problems if your head is extremely small.


We say it as a very discerning person in this regard because (sadly) we have a skin disease that frequently makes wearing full-size headphones painful. However, comfort is fairly decent. It’s amazing how long the UX3000 stays comfortable—often for more than an hour. Surely, their 260 g weight and the thick cushioning contribute to this. The earpads’ warmth, which can even make our ears hot and sweaty in the Scottish cold, is the only drawback we’ve seen. The passive isolation of the final UX3000 was the feature that most astonished us; simply by wearing them, all sounds surrounding you are significantly muffled. This means that you won’t even need ANC to block out sounds from around you in very calm areas, which is excellent as it increases battery life. Additionally, this implies that sounds that are often not lowered by ANC are also influenced by passive isolation and become less noticeable, which is a common problem with ANC headphones.

Final Audio UX3000 review: Connectivity

In terms of signal strength, Bluetooth v5.0 puts on a nice show by maintaining music playing without any annoying stutters. Although the UX3000’s codec support claims it would support aptX Low Latency, we have only observed these Final headphones to register aptX. Due to Bluetooth 5.0’s multipoint compatibility, the UX3000 can connect to two devices simultaneously. As Final explains, this allows you to listen to music on one device while making a call on another, which is fairly useful for people who like to multitask. With a cable connection, you can connect the headphones to a computer or portable music player, though you won’t be able to use High-Res Audio because the frequency range is only 20Hz to 20kHz.

Noise cancelling

Even without music and without distracting background noise from the system itself, the inbuilt noise cancellation produces an enhanced quiet zone with two microphones on each side at the push of a button, increasing your sense of privacy while riding the train. It is easily actuated, and an LED serves as a signal. The user is additionally protected from low-frequency and static noise in addition to passive insulation. also you can check our article on Final Audio UX3000 review. Although this insulation is not complete, it is nonetheless useful. We noticed a very slight diving bell effect, and we would have liked a secondary gradation that was more subdued. Due to the design, wind impact has a negative affect on the sound circuitry, which occasionally causes noise, but we didn’t think it was a big deal. There isn’t a transparency mode available for the Final UX3000.

Audio performance

Let’s get right to the point: the Final Audio UX3000 are a highly capable pair of headphones, but keep the asking price in the forefront of your mind. They don’t try to dazzle you with overly confident bass or overt sound staging, and they don’t even remotely sound dazzling. Instead, they provide fidelity and accuracy. That means they don’t make for the most exciting listening at first, but given some time, their impartial, reasonable, and perceptive attitude becomes incredibly compelling. While PJ Harvey’s Man-Size doesn’t quite tell the whole tale, it does explain a lot about what makes the UX3000 such an alluring set of headphones. The track’s amazing immediacy is fully conveyed, and the transitory distortion surrounding the guitar and percussion sounds is given the proper importance. Here, more than with any similarly priced wireless headphones, the gritted-teeth onslaught of the vocals and drums is audible, and there is a general impression of musicians performing as a unit, at the same location and at the same time. From top to bottom, there is a convincing blending of tonality that is carefully judged. Both the crisply substantial top end and the full, powerful bass sound have lots of clarity and a straight-edged punch. The singer’s character and skill are fully expressed in the midrange, where detail levels are excellent and communication is effective.

Call performance

Since the call quality is good, you might want to try using these as a work-from-home headset. The headphones’ microphones did pick up some wind and the sound of passing traffic when used outside, but not enough to detract from the sound or clarity of my voice. The “my Final” app, which is mentioned as an official app, is only intended to be used for product registration. Additionally, there isn’t an English translation available. also you can learn our article on Final Audio UX3000 review.

Final Audio UX3000 review: Battery and charging

With ANC turned on, the UX3000 can playback for up to 25 hours and up to 35 hours, respectively. Use the included 3.5-3.5mm cable to connect to your players or computers if it runs out of power. This is a highly useful backup strategy that enables customers to listen to music even when the UX3000’s battery is dead. We can confirm that in the almost two weeks that we have been using the headphones, we have only needed to charge them once. The headphones will also turn off when the jack is connected.


The Final Audio UX3000 will very pleasantly surprise anyone with realistic expectations of what this type of money can get in terms of wireless over-ear active noise-cancelling headphones. They provide a sophisticated, well-balanced sound, are well-made and comfy, and they do a respectable job of noise cancellation as well. Yes, you can spend a similar amount of money to get a more prominent brand logo or more upfront sound, but that won’t give you any more musicality than what is already here.

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