Fix “Audio Renderer Error, Please Restart your Computer Error”Issue – Guide

Several Windows users report seeing the “Audio Renderer Error”. Please restart your computer.” when trying to play a YouTube video. The issue is not specific to any specific version of Windows and occurs in many different web browsers including Chrome, Opera, Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Other affected users report that they also face the issue while listening to iTunes or using the built-in audio player. We investigated this particular issue by reviewing various user reports and the steps they took to resolve the issue or fix it entirely. From what we’ve gathered, several different scenarios are known to trigger this particular error message: Audio Driver Error This seems to be a recurring error on some motherboard models. Affected users have found several solutions that fix the issue temporarily, such as: Disconnect > plug in headphones, restart the computer, or temporarily disable the audio driver. A conflict between Windows sound drivers and ASIO drivers – This issue occurs in situations where users are using the Windows sound driver and ASIO driver with different sound format frequencies. In this case the solution is to synchronize the two frequencies. Faulty BIOS Version – On Dell computers, the issue most often occurs with a faulty software update. Since Dell fixed the error, updating the BIOS version to the latest version should fix the problem completely.

Fix “Audio renderer error, restart computer error”

Reconnect your audio playback devices

You can connect your audio playback devices (eg headphones) to your computer and use them to watch YouTube videos. Disconnect your devices and connect them again, then the problem should go away. But this method may work once, it may not last long. To resolve the issue permanently, you can move on to other methods.

restart your computer

Restarting your PC as suggested can help you resolve the “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.” mistake. But it could be a temporary solution. The error will return after a few minutes.

Run the audio troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter to automatically diagnose and fix common problems. There are many troubleshooters for different problems. For the audio renderer error, you can run the audio troubleshooter to resolve the issue.

Restart your audio drivers

Sometimes the operating system may occupy some dynamic system files which can affect your audio device and cause the error. Restarting the audio driver can help free up busy system files and get your audio device back to normal. So, you can try restarting the audio driver to resolve the issue.

Update your audio driver

One reason for many computer errors is outdated drivers for your hardware devices. You should verify that your devices have the correct and latest drivers and update those that do not. There are two ways to get the correct drivers: manually or automatically. Download and Install Driver Manually – You can update your driver manually by going to the manufacturer’s website and looking for the latest correct driver. Make sure you only choose drivers that are compatible with your version of Windows. Update drivers automatically – If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update your driver manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct driver for your device and your Windows version, and download and install it correctly:

Rollback your audio driver

When you encounter the error, check your drivers and find that they have already been updated to the latest version. In this case, you must make sure that they are compatible with your system. It is because sometimes the latest device driver version does not work properly on your system and starts to interfere with normal computer startup.up process.

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