Fix­ ‘Google Dri­ve Not Sync­ing on Mac’ Issue – Guide

The Google Backup & Sync app works great to allow you to sync your local content to your Google Drive account. You may occasionally encounter errors with this synchronization process. When sync problems occur, you cannot sync any of the files on your Mac with your Google Drive account. There are a few things you can do when Google Drive is unable to sync on your Mac. These methods include restarting the sync process, disabling the proxy server, and so on.

Pause / Resume

You can resolve most Google Drive sync issues by simply pausing and resuming the backup and sync client.

Restart Backup and Sync

Sometimes you have to go beyond pausing and resuming Google Drive to close and reopen the Backup and Sync client.

Disable / enable Wi-Fi

Disconnecting and reconnecting to Wi-Fi can also help resolve sync issues with Google Drive.

Restart your Mac

If the above fixes didn’t work, try restarting your Mac. It seems like a simple thing to do, but a reboot can potentially fix the most common anomalies, including stuck Google Drive uploads and downloads. Open the Apple menu and click Restart to restart your Mac.

Contact owner

Google Drive shared files and folders may have restrictions that can prevent you from syncing changes made to them. If so, you have no other option than to contact the owner of the file or shared folder to obtain the necessary permissions.

Check your sync settings

If a particular folder doesn’t sync from the cloud to your Mac or vice versa, you may have failed to specify Google Drive to sync it in the first place. To check, click the Backup and sync icon in the menu bar, click More and Preferences. You can then use the options on the My ‘Mac model name’ tab to select the folders on your Mac that should be synced to Google Drive. In addition, the Google Drive tab allows you to select the folders you want to sync from Google Drive to your Mac.

Allow access to folders

Is Google Drive failing to sync a particular folder or folders despite selecting them in Backup and Sync Preferences? In that case, you must confirm that the Backup and Sync client has sufficient permissions to access the folders on your Mac. Start by accessing the Security and Privacy panel in System Preferences (Apple menu> System Preferences). Select the Files and Folders option and make sure that Google Backup and Sync has access to the folders listed below it. If you have to make any changes, close and restart the Backup and Sync client.

Full disk access

You can also go a step further than you just did and provide Google Drive permissions for all local storage on your Mac. Visit Security and privacy in System Preferences and select Full disk access. Then, add Google Backup and Sync to the list of apps and check the box next to it. Exit and restart the Google Drive backup and sync client after that.

Restart configuration

An improper Google Drive configuration can prevent the Backup and Sync client from syncing files and folders. Open Terminal (Finder> Utilities> Terminal) and run the following command: mv ~ / Library / Application Support / Google / Drive / ~ / .Trash /

Disconnect and reconnect account

Disconnecting and reconnecting your Google Account to the Google Drive backup and sync client can also help fix persistent sync issues. Don’t worry – all previously synced files will remain on your Mac.

Forcibly synchronize files

If Google Drive detects repeated problems while syncing certain files, you may be asked to try again. Click the Backup & sync icon and click View # Unsyncable files (if available). Click Repeat all to try to force synchronize them.

Find missing folder

If you renamed or moved the main Google Drive folder on your Mac (or any other folder you’ve set up to sync with Google Drive), the backup and sync client will fail to sync. If this happens, click the Backup and sync icon, then click the Find option in the error message. Simply specify the folder that you renamed or relocated manually and click Open to start synchronization again.

Check storage

Your Google Account offers 15 GB of free storage. Google Drive won’t sync if you’ve already filled out up this quota. The same applies whenever you reach the storage limit for a paid plan. To verify, open the Backup and Sync Preferences panel and click Settings. You can then see the current storage status. If you run out of space, you must purchase more storage to continue syncing with Google Drive. Alternatively, you can use this handy guide release, release up Google Drive storage.

Bypass Proxy

Google Drive doesn’t work well when connected through a proxy. In that case, try to ignore the proxy settings.

Reinstall Backup and Sync

If you’re still having trouble with Google Drive, try reinstalling the backup and sync client. Google Drive files synced locally will remain on your Mac and you can merge them after the reinstallation procedure.

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