Fix ‘iPhone Wi-Fi Keeps Dis­con­nect­ing’ Issue – Guide

One of the most annoying but unavoidable problems you can encounter when using the iPhone is the lack of an Internet connection. Exactly the same thing when you manage slow Internet browsing problems. Just like most of your iPhone features being web-based makes it more important for your device to have a fast and stable internet connection if possible. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the option to use most of your iPhone’s apps and administrators. However, at that point again, Internet availability problems could not be avoided due to a wide range of factors. That said, internet issues can crop up at any time. This gives you no choice but to troubleshoot the problem and try some means of re-establishing your Internet connection immediately, unless brief blackouts or scheduled network maintenance are the basic reason. Below are some proposed strategies that are used to manage a significant issue in the new iphone 11 device that keeps disconnecting from the wi-fi network. Go ahead and allude to this advisor at any point where you really wanted more information to manage this issue on a similar iOS device. Periodically, you may have noticed that your iPhone’s WiFi continues to turn off or that your iOS device doesn’t stay connected with WiFi. the new iOS 15 design, users report “iPhone keeps disconnecting from wifi when locked”.

Turn Wi-Fi off and on again

Turn your iPhone off and on

Swipe the red power icon from left to right to turn off iPhone. Wait a few moments, then press and hold the button button (iPhone 8 or earlier) or side button (iPhone X or later) until the Apple logo appears on the screen to turn the iPhone back on.

Reset your WiFi router

Forget your WiFi network and reconnect

Now that your Wi-Fi network is forgotten, go back to Settings -> Wi-Fi and find your network name in Choose a Network. Tap your network name and then enter your WiFi password to reconnect to the WiFi network.

Reset Network Settings

DFU Restore your iPhone

Exploring repair options

WiFi Connectivity: Fixed!

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