Fix ‘Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download’ Issue – Guide

For a long time, Windows was the main operating system that didn’t have a focal point for downloading apps. Windows users had to download each program from multiple websites, which was a difficult task to organize, we might add. Fortunately, the Microsoft Store was introduced by Windows in 2012 and, since then, this digital distribution platform has been developing. Today, the Microsoft Store has a wide scope of paid and unpaid digital content. However, that doesn’t mean that the Windows Store is bug free at all. It is normal for users to encounter minor errors when using the Microsoft Store occasionally. Recently, some customers have detailed that the Microsoft Store app stops at the beginning of a download. This can be disconcerting, especially when you’re in a hurry. If you are also experiencing this problem, you are in the perfect place. We’ve recorded some simple solutions that will help you fix the problem right away. We must start.

Microsoft Store updates stuck on pending or initial download

Among other issues, Microsoft Store updates stuck in Pending or Starting to Download status are perhaps the most reported complaints. However, you can resolve them by following the few methods described below! Let’s cover the above methods in detail to fix the Microsoft Store issue.

Use another Internet connection.

There may be a problem with the Internet connection. Try switching to a different Internet connection. If this solves your problem, contact your Internet service provider or upgrade to a plan that offers better speed. Alternatively, you can sign out and re-enter the Microsoft Store to resolve download issues.

Reset Microsoft Store Cache

To reset the Microsoft Store cache, you can use Windows Settings or the built-in command line tool – WSReset.exe. You do not need to make any changes in Registry Editor. See our previous post – Reset or Clear Microsoft Windows Store Cache in Windows 10.

Run the Windows application troubleshooter

Most of the time when you are having problems with an app, the Microsoft Store will notify you and fix the problem for you automatically, but on some occasions you may need to run the App Troubleshooter. The tool will scan your computer, identify problems and try to fix them automatically.

Clear software distribution folder

The Software Distribution folder in Windows 10 temporarily stores files and may be needed to install Windows Update on your computer. This folder is located in the Windows directory. You can check whether cleaning the software distribution folder in Windows 10 fixes the problem. See our post – Rename or Delete Software Distribution Folder in Windows 10.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

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