Guide: Fix ‘Skype Audio Delay’ Issue on Mobile and PC

Skype has some of the best video calling featuresStill, some users have difficulty communicating effectively due to audio-video quality imbalance. If you are also experiencing delays in delivering audio while making Skype video calls on your smartphone or computer, then you should check out the solutions listed in this guide. guide When your audio and video are out of sync, the biggest culprit is usually your internet connection. Using Skype on an unsupported device or running too many bandwidth consuming processes on your device can cause Skype audio and video to be out of sync during a call. In the section below, we have outlined seven troubleshooting solutions that can help you fix this problem.

1. Check the internet connection

A solid internet connection is required to use Skype optimally. Skype recommends a minimum download / upload speed of 100 kbps and 300 kbps respectively for basic audio and video calls. That is of course higher for advanced users features such as High-Definition (HD) calls, group video calls, etc. Video calls with a poor internet connection can result in poor audio (and video) quality. If you are using a wireless network, check that the router is transmitting correctly. Move closer to the router if you are far from it. You can restart the router to refresh the network. You should also try other troubleshooting tips which can help boost your router’s Wi-Fi signal strength.

In front of mobile devices that use mobile data, turn off and on again mobile data can help. Another thing you could do is turn on Airplane mode and turn it off after a few seconds. That will help refresh your device’s network. If nothing works, try your phone’s network settings.

2. Close Skype

If you are sure that your network connection is not the problem, close the Skype app on your phone or PC and open it again. If you are using Skype from a browser, close the browser and restart it. That can help resolve any in-app glitches that slow down audio transmission during voice or video calls.

3. Close other apps

The audio delay problem could be due to the lack of enough RAM. Close some running apps on your device to make them free up some device sources for Skype to function properly. Note: This trick applies to both mobile and PC.

You should pay particular attention to other apps that use your device’s microphone and speaker: audio / video calling apps, gaming apps, social networking apps, etc. If an app is simultaneously using your device’s microphone during a Skype call , there may be some delay in audio transmission.

4. Pause active file transfer

In addition to closing other running apps, you should also pause any active file transfer. For context, streaming a video or downloading / uploading a file simultaneously while on a video call will reduce the amount of bandwidth available for Skype to function properly. Thus, this can result in a delay in the audio transmission. Pause any file downloads or uploads that are happening in the background, pause the video that you are streaming, and verify that Skype’s audio and video are now in sync.

5. Restart the device

If none of the above methods solve the problem and Skype video and audio are still out of sync during calls, rebooting your device can help. A simple restart is an effective solution to Skype’s audio problems and other similar problems on your phone or PC.

6. Update Skype

If the audio delay issue is due to a bug in the app, updating Skype to the latest version on your device can fix the problem. Visit the application store of your device and check if an update is available for Skype. Update Skype for Android Update Skype for iOS Update Skype for Windows Update Skype for Mac

7. Check the compatibility of the device

If the Skype audio delay issue persists, or if you can’t update Skype (in method # 6 above), check if your device is compatible with Skype’s hardware and software requirements. You may experience an audio-video delay if your device does not meet any of the following requirements:

Windows: Windows 10 (version 1709) or higher; 1 GHz processor or greater; 512 MB RAM or higher; DirectX v9.0 or higher. Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher; 1 GHz Intel processor or higher; 1 GB RAM or higher; QuickTime (the latest version). Android: Android OS 4.0.4 or higher; 32MB of free storage space or more. iPhone / iPad: iOS 10 or higher. Web browsers: Microsoft Edge and the latest versions of Google Chrome.

You can visit the Skype support center for information on the minimum requirements for your device.

Hassle-free communication

Updating your device’s operating system – if it doesn’t meet the OS requirements – can also help. It’s also worth noting that the audio delay may not be on your part. If the problem persists after exhausting all available solutions, ask the person (s) you are communicating with to also perform the above troubleshooting methods. The next up: Skype offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac. Check out some of these shortcuts in the article below and use them to improve your workflow with Skype.

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