Fix ‘Sticky Keys Not Work­ing’ Issue on Win­dows 10 – Guide

Windows 10 is probably the best version of Microsoft’s revered operating system. However, Redmond never made a totally wonderful operating system. As much as we like Windows 10 – and we really like it a lot – it has problems. Just check out the comments below to see how much our readers disdain the follow-up and lack of privacy. (For this, read How to Protect your privacy on Windows 10.) Fortunately, a large number of operating system concerns are effortlessly fixed. Here are ways you can keep version 10 from motivating you up the Windows wallpaper.

What causes Windows Key to stop working?

There are several issues that prevent the Windows key from working. While some are hardware related, others are software related. We have listed some of the issues for your understanding. All the problems discussed above are simple and quick to fix. We will guide you through the various fixes. Run them in the sequence in which they are mentioned for quick error resolution.

Check Hardware

Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter

Disable game mode in Windows 10

Disable filter keys

Enable Windows key in registry

Enable Start Menu in Registry

Re-register all applications with Powershell

If any of the applications are conflicting with your system settings, it may prevent the ‘Windows’ key from working. Therefore, re-registering all applications with PowerShell is the ideal solution. To re-register the application, search for ‘Windows PowerShell’ in the ‘Start Menu’, right-click on the search result and select ‘Run as administrator’ to launch the application. In the ‘Windows PowerShell’ window, type the following script and press ENTER. After running the script, restart your computer and check if the ‘Windows’ key is working. Otherwise, go to the next fix.

Run a full system check

Restart Windows / File Explorer

Reinstall keyboard drivers

Run SFC Scan

Final note

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