Fix ‘Unable to Expand Zip File’ Issue on Mac – Guide

Mac PC can be one of the most powerful and reliable computer systems out there. However, you may not be error prone. One of the errors: The zip file cannot be expanded. A ZIP file is a compressed file format that can be a combination of documents and can be shortened in general. Compressed ZIP files are commonly used because they compress one or more files on your computer into a single file or folder that takes up less disk space. This can be a very effective way to send or save files. A ZIP file is a filing system that compresses one or more files on your computer into a single file or folder that takes up less space than the original. If you want to email a collection of files to someone else, it’s easier to put everything in one file. If you want to keep your documents private, you can encrypt and protect them by adding a password. When downloading files on a Mac OS browser, there is a chance that the file will not download correctly and completely as websites are closed before the download is complete. In this case, you cannot open the ZIP file, although the file may exist in download folders. In this case, you can solve this problem by downloading the file again without closing the download site or by downloading it through the terminal.

Fix ‘Cannot Expand Zip File’ on Mac

Unzip the file using the terminal

When simple double-clicking on zip doesn’t work, you can always try to unzip the files in Terminal. Sometimes large size files cannot be unzipped in Archive Utility and need to be unzipped in Terminal. There is a simple “unzip” command used in Terminal for the zip files, to unzip them. When using this command, the file will go to the user account folder. To unzip a file in Terminal, follow the steps below:

Using the decompression utility software

Now sometimes there might be issues with your permissions or opening the zip file normally. But there are many utility software on the App Store and online, which can help you to unzip the zip files smoothly. You can download Stuffit Expander from the Mac App Store and try using it for the zip file. Most users were unable to unzip files even using Terminal, but using this software helped them to fix the problem. You can check the steps below to how to unzip using this app:

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