Fix ‘Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped’ issue On Android – Guide

One of the most common errors on Android devices is has stopped. You will see this issue on your Android phones and pills from time to time. If this becomes a big annoyance for you, then you can look for methods to fix this error. There are many reasons why keeps crashing the error. The use of smartphones has become part of our lives. We use these cutting edge devices for many purposes. But we all know that they are not perfect devices. For this reason, we all sometimes face a number of problems. One of the most common problems that almost everyone has faced is “Unfortunately, the settings are stuck”. But why do you worry so much? We already provide tested and experimentally proven working solutions. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons for the problem and provide methods to fix the error. After applying these fixes, the error should disappear from your device.

How to Fix ‘Unfortunately, Settings Has Stopped’ Issue on Android

Close recently used/unused apps

One of the main reasons why the Settings app crashes on Android is the unavailability of enough RAM. Just like any other app on your device, Settings also requires a certain amount of RAM to work efficiently. If many apps take time up RAM of your device, this can cause the settings to fail or not work. To fix this, close some active or unused apps on your device. That should release up some memory so the Settings app can run optimally.

Clear settings cache

Force stop settings

Manually forcing the Settings app to stop can also help restore it to normal. Navigate to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Settings and tap Force stop. When prompted to force close the settings, tap OK. This closes the Settings menu. Reset the settings and see if the error message continues to appear.

Clear cache of Google Play services

Update Google Play Services

Uninstall the Google Play Services Update

Unlike method 5 above, a Google Play Services update can also cause the Settings app to fail if the update is buggy or incompatible with your device. To uninstall Google Play services updates on your device, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Google Play Services. Now, tap on the three-dot menu icon at the top right of the page and select Uninstall updates. When prompted to continue, tap OK.

Update Android OS

You should also try to update your device’s Android OS to the latest version. This can help fix the issue if the error is due to a bug in the operating system. Navigate to Settings > System > System Update and tap “Check for Updates” button. If an update is available for your device, follow the instructions to update your device to the latest Android OS.

Reset the device to factory settings

If none of the above solutions help to fix the “Unfortunately, settings have been paused” error, then you may need to factory reset your device as a last resort. This will erase all the settings, apps and files from your device but it should definitely solve the problem.

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