Fix “Your System Is Heavily Damaged by (4) Virus” Issue – Guide

At first glance, Your system is badly damaged by (4) virus is a deceptive “ad page” about which there are several doubts. This page only serves one purpose – to trick you to install questionable software. If your browser opens this page automatically, your PC is likely infected with adware (also known as “ad-supported” software). This type of malicious application does not delete or infect any files but like virus it can change machine settings like homepage, new tab and search engine by default, download and install malicious add-ons that generate lots of pop-ups.up ads including misleading ads like this “Your system is severely damaged by (4) viruses” pop-ups. As long as the adware is running, your web browser will be constantly filled with unwanted advertisements. Furthermore, this adware can collect a variety of privacy data, all related to what you do on the Internet.

Your system is heavily damaged by four viruses – Fixed

The message is intended to trick you and force you to install fake programs on your system. This four virus browser hijacker cannot access or attack your personal media or card. It will appear in the form of different advertisements. It can disturb your browsing activity and guide you to install viruses like trojans or ransomware. The malicious popup generated by JavaScript code designed to install unknown tools.

Information about four viruses

How to remove four viruses

There are many ways you can use to remove “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) viruses!” Windows operating system warning. We will discuss these working methods below.

Remove four viruses automatically

There are many advanced or antivirus tools like Spyhunter or Reimage Plus that allow users to automatically scan for malware and spyware. All you need to do is download and install these tools and when you see the message “Your system is heavily damaged by four viruses” on your browser, the tool will automatically detect it and stop it.

Delete four viruses manually

If you don’t want to download and install tools, you can manually remove Four Virus from your Windows 10. Just follow these steps.

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