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If you think PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the only fierce royal title to grab gamers’ attention, then you’re making a big mistake! This is because Epic Games’ Fortnite is another popular title that is really making the headlines thanks to the addition of a free-to-play battle royale. The game started at a slow pace, but since the inclusion of the new free-to-game play feature, it has gained great popularity and acceptance. Now that the number of gamers who have tried the game is approaching 40 million and that will not stop anytime soon. Fortnite Battle Royale from Epic Games is definitely an interesting and unique game, and it is actually quite different from the PUBG that many of us have played and to show you that I will explain everything you need to know about this game. I think this article will be quite helpful for beginners Check out Epic Games

Loot Hard, Loot Fast!

The Fortnite Battle Royale game mode is very fast, and if you really want to survive the first few stages of the game, you need to put on running shoes and loot loot as soon as possible. To break it down, the easiest and fastest way to start your quest is to jump out of the bus as soon as you get the chance, skydive straight ahead with all the speed you can muster and get yourself in the top spot of buildings . The first thing to do is always have a weapon handy, and then you need to find a shield or healing stuff in case the going gets tough. And make sure you don’t skip the early stages because you can choose any weapon up is better than deflating, for example picking up a gun will kill faster than the pickaxe, which really takes time before you can do any significant damage. Also everyone wants the colored weapons, but don’t waste your time on them; you may not get a chance to really stick in the early stages.

Think about doing a ‘Long Drop’.

Fortnite Battle Royale has a very small map because every now and then there are more than 100 players on it. While the latest update created more room to raid, these areas are still the hotspots you shouldn’t really go to at first. While you get the better stuff, you also get more players and that increases your chances of getting eliminated quickly, especially if they are under the path of the Battle Bus. With your glider you can get almost anywhere you want to go on the map; you can also see the other side of the island by using your glider to float down before dropping to loot. If you want to know how to fight, then you have to participate in fights, although it can be daunting because then you end up up be hit multiple times if you are just starting that game, but that is how to learn to fight.

Always land on a roof

When you’re ready to loot, make sure you always start from the roof of the building. There are a number of buildings where you will encounter weapons on the roof and when you land a house you will usually find chests hidden under the tiles. So always land on the roof and use your pickaxe if necessary. You can then move to the next level and loot until you reach the ground floor. Anytime you loot future buildings, you may still get on the roof by making a ramp and then breaking down again. If you are close to a chest it will be audible, so always listen. You will need a lot of the box and most of them are in the attic.

Always. Continue. Moving

Camping may work in PlayersUnknown Battle Ground, but it doesn’t in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you decide to stand too long, that’s it. You are dead! Always be on the move whether you are reloading, healing, or arguing with someone. Making small movements while healing makes it difficult for Snipers to hit you. Jumps while in a firefight will help you survive more. It’s harder to get shot when you’re moving than when you’re standing. Always pay attention to your surroundings, including what is above you as the game is all about awareness, sometimes you can be attacked from above so always be vigilant! The game is also about surprises and sometimes you don’t know what to do next, you also can’t watch while running unlike PUBG.

Build to win

A building is an essential and unique part of Fortnite Battle Royale, and to run the game you need to understand how it works. You will first need to gather materials by using your default weapon, the pickaxe on wood, stone and metal. Always go for the larger trees or pallets of wood that you can easily find in the buildings in Tilted Towers. You can also look for larger vehicles in the case of metal to get more yield. Not only can a building be of great help in reaching new heights and the places that are very difficult to reach, but it is also in trying to get the edge. Because as soon as you get into the game with the remaining players, the buildings start flying up and you should do the same. You always have the advantage from the air when you attack someone on the ground and you really don’t want to be the one on the ground. When you get to the end of the game, the players will be equipped with the deadly weapons available, including snipers, and it is reasonable to have another line of defense to stay alive. how to fly up a building, move to an area with little action so you can choose up things and learn your building skills without getting shot.

Manage your inventory

You only get five fields to fill with your weapons and healing items (which you will definitely need) such as medical kits, bandages, shield potions, the Chug Jug and Slurp Juice. To make sure everything is in balance when you’re looting because you can’t predict where the next shot will come from. After you collect the first few Shield Potions, drink up to free up inventory space so you can choose up one more to consume when things head south. Always make sure you have med kits, bandages are secondary and the main one is the Chug Jug as it will replenish your health and your shield at the same time. close quarters combat and an assault rifle is the one you should always have, and in situations where you need a long range weapon try picking an assault rifle with a rifle scope or a sniper will do the job too!

Time for your circle to run

Fortnite Battle Royale map is not that big but you can still get caught if the storm circle starts to shrink. The map is divided by grid system and you need up up to 45 seconds to run across a grid before the crow flies. Once you are in the middle of the storm it will start to affect your health and shields will not protect you from the storm. Once you see the first drop, you should quickly calculate how much time it will take. You get two timers; one will count down the time you have until the storm circle begins, while the second will tell you how much time you have before the storm has completely shrunk. You need these two timers to make sure you don’t get caught up.

Play with some friends

Going solo isn’t fun and it’s brutal too. You against 99 guys is actually tough, so if you have some of your friends you can use duo or squad mode. It will also improve your skills. The exciting part about these modes is that you don’t get killed right away, once you get shot your friends will have a chance to revive you. And you can always use more weapons and eyes to tackle things you can’t see. Another option is that if you don’t have any of your friends around, you can choose the auto-fill option. This option pairs you with three other guys you don’t know, and it also helps you stay alive tips you want to add, you can share them in the comments below and finally you can play Fortnite Battle Royale for free on your Mac device, PC, Xbox and PS4. So start shooting!

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