From now until November 1, the Fortnitemares event will bring Fortnite fans some wolf-like abilities, but players will notice that these abilities are not automatically assigned just because they log into the game. Instead, players will need to find altars throughout the map and emote on them to begin their transformation. This will give players the ability to howl their way to victory and take down anyone who gets in their way. We have mentioned below to Turn Into Werewolf in Fortnite

How to Turn Into Werewolf in Fortnite

Find an Alteration Altar if you want to turn into a werewolf during the Fortnite Halloween event. The Reality Tree on West Island, where DJ Lyka is performing, is the best location to locate some. If any are still available when you get there, there will be a projection of a wolf’s head on a pad that you can tread on. Enter the space and use the Ritual Emote that appears to transform into a werewolf. Now you may attack opponents with lethal combos while using your Howler Claws as a weapon. Additionally, you can use the Wolfscent power, which grants you tracking vision and repeatedly tags foes nearby. Wolfscent immediately enters its cooldown if no one is present. Interestingly, if Wolfscent is tracking you, you will hear your heartbeat get louder as they draw closer—not at all frightful.

Final Words

We hope like our article on Fortnite: How to Turn Into Werewolf. It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and adopt the wolf persona now that Fortnite’s annual Fortnitemares event is taking place once more. You should take advantage of the Fortnite Wolfscent Ability while it is available because it is a great new addition to the battle royale.

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