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Most users don’t know what archiving in Outlook means. Before we get into archiving in Outlook, let’s first learn some basics. Archiving is the process of moving unwanted email messages that might be part of a conversation to a separate, accessible folder on your computer. By archiving emails regularly, you can release up space in your inbox. With Microsoft Outlook, you can automatically / manually archive folders based on specific criteria using Outlook’s AutoArchive feature and permanently delete old emails when they reach a certain period. Managing 1 gigabyte storage space is important for users with an Exchange server mailbox. Outlook has cleanup tools on the File tab to help you do this, but a very good tool feature, AutoArchive, can do this routinely and automatically for you. AutoArchive takes the oldest items and moves them to a PST file on your hard drive to release up space in your mailbox. The AutoArchive feature it can also help people without an Exchange Server mailbox by reducing the main PST file. The main PST file on your hard drive is where your emails and other Outlook items are stored. With a smaller PST file, searches can be completed faster.

Steps to enable automatic archiving in Outlook are provided below

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