Guide: Creating a Cus­tom Tem­plate in Notion – Guide

Notion is an incredibly efficient device that allows you to create and customize content in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most impressive way that Notion allows you to modify is through templates. Templates allow you to create content and enable that substance to be quickly recreated for some time. Despite the pre-made templates that Notion offers, it also retains the ability to make custom templates. The better selection of templates in Notion can make it more useful. Whether you’re working on a group project, making arrangements, or tracking your funds, having the ideal format can help you get things done much faster. Notion offers a large number of pre-made templates, however consider the possibility that none of them are very ideal for you. Fortunately, Notion allows you to make custom templates.

How to create a custom template in Notion

With that in mind, here is our walkthrough guide about how to make a model in the concept: Once you’ve created a custom template, you can now use it on the page you’re building in Notion. All you have to do is click on the button to duplicate your content. To edit a model, hover over the one you created and click the gear icon to open its configuration window. This is how you create a template in the Notion desktop or web app. Unfortunately, you cannot create one in the mobile application. However, you can always use the default templates offered by Notion on your pages.

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