Guide: Share Screen on Google Meet – Guide

Google Meet is becoming increasingly popular among students, professionals and even the business world. It is one of the most famous video conferencing applications developed by Google. Google Meet allows Android and iOS users to connect and communicate. In addition to the footage from your device camera or webcam, you can use Google Meet to share your screen. This allows all of your presentation materials to be shared with your classmates, peers and panel members. If you want to learn more about how to share your screen on Google Meet, the following article covers the subject in detail. Let’s dive.

Share screen on Google Meet

Unfortunately, Google Meet screen sharing feature is limited to the current screen or windows open in the background. The software cannot share iPhone / iPad screen, share files directly from cloud storage services, etc. Follow the steps below to share your screen on Google Meet.

Use the whiteboard in Google Meet

Google Meet Plus is a mandatory extension for all Google Meet users. The extension allows many features that are missing from the Google Meet software. We will be using the Google Meet Plus extension to add the essentials features like whiteboard, press to speak, emoji reactions etc. to the software. First, you need to download the Google Meet Plus extension from the Chrome Store. The next time you use the Google Meet service, the extension will activate the toolbar in the upper left corner. You can tap the whiteboard icon to activate the software’s functionality. Don’t forget to start screen sharing first so that participants can see your current screen. The list of features that Google Meet Plus Whiteboard offers: You can use these editing tools and demonstrate the topic in detail to attendees. As for text, you can change the font style, size, and edge strength of these shapes. Once you have ideas about the whiteboard, you can download the whiteboard image for later use. From others features Google Meet Plus features include the ability to use emoji reactions, a built-in timer to keep track of an ongoing meeting, a mute button, and more.

Chat while sharing screen

This is useful when you want to chat while sharing your screen. Participants may have questions about what you are explaining about screen sharing. You can use the chat menu to ask questions. The administrator can ignore the ongoing conversation in the chat menu and handle screen sharing accordingly. When screen sharing is in progress, you can just tap the chat icon in the upper right corner and chat with the team.

Final note

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