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Know how to unpairing an Apple Watch is exceptionally valuable, whether you’re a working Apple Watch user, recently earned your wearable, or opted to upgrade to another iPhone. Mixing an Apple Watch right out of the box is genuinely simple as the gadget is set to production line settings and prepared to match when you press the digital crown. In any case, unpairing is when things get a little more complicated. Surprisingly, the Apple Watch isn’t your normal Bluetooth speaker, so unpairing and connecting with another device isn’t possible with just a dash of a button. However, try not to be scared as it is still particularly feasible via some workarounds in the Settings menu.

How to unpair an Apple Watch via the Watch app

Your watch will start to rewind up the latest data from your watch to your iPhone. Once finished, it will unpair from your current iPhone, delete all active Bluetooth accessory pairings, remove any Apple Pay cards used in the Apple Watch, and erase the password. Finally, your watch will reset itself to Apple’s factory settings. Apple Watch Black Friday Deals We’re scouring the Internet for the best Apple Watch Black Friday deals on everything from Apple Watch 7 and more. Let us help you find the best deal on a great Apple Watch.

How to unpair an Apple Watch directly on the smartwatch

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