Guide: Use Shapes in Google Slides – Guide

While Google Docs isn’t really intended for drawing, there are options for users who want to add shapes to their documents. Most people use Google Drawings to do this in a Google Docs document, but you can also insert images, use simple tables, and use special characters to add shapes to text. if you want to know how to add shapes to Google Docs using these methods, here’s what you need to do. Shapes are a very powerful tool. You can use shapes to create all kinds of graphics for your presentations. Traditionally, shapes are available in most popular presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice or Keynote. Google Presentations also supports shape functions and allows the presentation designer to prepare stunning presentation graphics for their final presentations or to reuse them in templates for Google Slides presentations.

Image insertion steps are provided below:

To insert an image:

formatting photos

To crop an image:

To crop an image into a shape:

inserting shapes

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