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There are two different techniques for accomplishing this task. The first will use the Chrome program, while the next will be conceivable through Gmail. Both techniques could effortlessly be performed on your Android phone phone, but also comes with some advantages and caveats. For example, by Chrome account, in addition to accessing your Apple notes, you can even edit or delete them. In any case, editing or modifying is beyond the realm of possibilities via the Gmail method. Also, assuming we’re talking about the last method, the notes you’ll be writing from now on in the Gmail area can be synced. You can’t move your iCloud notes to the Gmail area and then sync them. However, the opposite is still conceivable, but it would not be very useful, as tutorial exercise is thought of. Anyway, we’ll talk about these two strategies for viewing your Apple Notes on an Android phone phone. Stick with the one that suits your needs.

Via Google Chrome browser

View Apple Notes via Gmail

Using this method, you can only see these notes, but you cannot edit or modify them. While you can delete these notes from your Gmail, it will also delete the note from your iPhone’s Notes app. So keep this in mind. Also, only the notes in the Gmail section will be synced, you can’t add your old synced notes that are saved in iCloud. Anyway, if the first method doesn’t give the desired result, you can still give this method a try. Go ahead. With that, we conclude the guide about how to See all your Apple notes on an Android smartphone. We share two different methods for the same. Let us know which one you just up choosing. Finally, here are some iPhone Tips and Tricks, PRAÇA tips and trickse android Tips and Trick which you should check too.

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