Here are the benefits of taking Online Coaching – Guide

In the spring of 2020, as so many times before, the world experienced a seismic shift. In this case, the Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone, including coaches, to go online. Suddenly, professional trainers find themselves zooming, skyping, teaming up and running Google Hangouts on an unprecedented scale. This shift came before a crucial question could be answered: is it possible to offer professional business coaching online? In this article, we take a closer look at the benefits of online coaching and what needs to be considered to get the most out of the online session. “Professional business coaching is the art of helping an executive or employee to grow and prosper and guide their business in a desired and more effective direction.” The question now is: is it possible to deliver this service online? Is it possible to build trust and plan the development path for clients if coaching takes place virtually? Will the dynamics of the subconscious prevail in digital transmission as in face-to-face transmission, or will it be lost in translation? Is it possible to shine a light in the recipient’s eyes and motivate people to keep going when the coach can’t handle nonverbal cues, or offer people a physical pat on the back?

Reasons How to benefit from online coaching:


Online coaching is incredibly cost-effective compared to 1-1 coaching. At a time when things are getting more expensive, online coaching has become a great option to get all the support you need if you’re not in a position to commit financially to 1-1 coaching. You will likely get a month of online training for the price of 2, or in some cases, 1 in-person training session.

Responsibility and motivation

Become responsible and more motivated than ever with regular support. Receive regular check-in emails and messages, as well as regular progress checks throughout the week, ensuring you’re on track and getting the results you want. Have a coach by your side daily and with you every step of the way.

flexibility and freedom

You have the flexibility to train anywhere in the world and at any gym you want. Whether you are traveling on business regularly or live a sporadic life as a cabin crew member, you can train anywhere and your progress need not be hampered by your travels.

time and schedule

Train around your schedule, whenever you want. You will not be required to follow your trainers schedule as you would in a 1-1 setup. If you are called to work earlier or your meeting is later than planned, you can schedule your training for the time you have available each day.


With online coaching, communication channels are always open. Email, calls, texts or instant messages with the Trainerize app you can get in touch with your trainer whenever you want, and with additional apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype the communication channels are endless. Get the support you want when you need it.

Final note

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