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The original story (published May 4, 2021) follows: Not long ago, using a phone at night or in dimly lit rooms it used to be a pain as our eyes had to withstand the impact of the bright light passing through our screens. phones and laptops. This was, and still is in some cases, because apps and websites only offered a white/light background or theme. Fortunately, most developers have introduced a dark mode in their apps that allows users to take a break from their eyes in low-light situations. Snapchat was one of the last social media apps to implement a dark mode and is currently only available on its iOS app. Snapchat Inc. hasn’t shared any details about the availability of dark mode in its Android app, which means users will have to wait indefinitely to get a simple one. feature like dark mode, at least officially. Why do we mention “officially” specifically? Well that’s because there are some ways to get a dark mode in the Snapchat app on Android unofficially. So without further ado, let’s check out ways to get dark mode in the Snapchat app on your Android smartphone.

How to enable dark mode on Snapchat on Android

Substrate: If you’ve tried tinkering with your Android smartphone in the past, you’ve probably used Substrate or at least heard about this theme engine. Substrate allows you to create a theme for your device’s UI as well as third-party apps. Of course, you will need a rooted device for it to work and you may also have to buy a theme like Flux.

Force dark mode:

Some OEMs, such as Realme, offer a forced dimming mode option on their covers. This allows users to force certain apps into dark mode, even if they don’t officially support it. Just search for Dark Mode in the Settings menu on your Android smartphone and then find the option that says something like ‘Dark mode for third-party apps’ or ‘Enable forced dark mode’. Alternatively, you can also force dark mode on some apps through developer options. First, go to Settings> About phone > Tap on the build number until you see a message that says something like ‘Developer Options Unlocked’. Now open the developer options via the Settings menu and then enable the force dimming mode option.

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