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When it comes to hiding windows, nothing compares to Exposé in terms of speed, efficiency and entertainment value. Once you have mastered this, the traditional rituals of hiding windows will certainly look old-fashioned. “When I was your age,” you will tell your grandchildren, “we had to hold down the Option key to hide the windows!” But you know how it is with software companies: they add, but they never remove. All the old techniques are still there for the benefit of Mac fans who use them out of habit.

Hide your entire workspace

If you want to hide your entire desktop with Hidden, use the Preferences panel that opens when starting the application for the first time. You can decide whether you want to hide all running applications or just use single application mode. For our purposes, make sure that the single application mode in the left sidebar is disabled. While Hides is on the menu bar for easy access, you may want to set a keyboard shortcut to hide windows even faster. Select Hide all apps in preferences to do this. Then click Save shortcut and choose the key combination to be defined. From there, click Hide on the menu bar and choose Hide all applications or just use the keyboard shortcut. All of your windows will disappear from the desktop with one click.

Hide individual subscriptions

To hide individual applications on your Mac, you will want to return to the Hides preferences, accessible via the menu bar option. This time, click the button on the left that activates the single application mode. Single application mode essentially allows you to use one application at a time and will automatically hide the rest. If you have Safari, Messages, Calendar and Mail open and Single Application Mode is enabled, you will only be able to see one of the four you choose. If you decide that you only want to see Safari, but try to open Messages, the Messages window will open and Safari will automatically be minimized. This is a great tool if you need laser focus on a specific application and don’t want the mess behind it on your desktop. Hides allows you to choose a keyboard shortcut to activate single app mode too, so take advantage of this if you want quick access. If you need even more privacy on your computer, check out our handy guide to not only hide files and folders on your Mac, but also password protect them.

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