You’ll need to switch to that Bluetooth connection as your preferred audio if you want to use the Echo Auto. For those using 3.5mm, you’ll be prompted to plug it in (again, this could be in your car’s inlet or a head unit with a jack), and you’ll need to switch to the aux input to be able to hear the audio from the your Echo Auto – and it will guide you through adjusting the volume to ensure you can hear things.

How does auto echo work?

Can I really get Alexa in my car?

You can use the device to add items to a shopping list, make phone calls, activate Spotify or summon other streaming services. You can also use Echo Auto to get directions, trigger location-based automation, and even find the nearest gas station.

Do I need an Echo Auto?

If your car stereo doesn’t currently support Bluetooth, the Echo Auto provides a built-in Bluetooth connection so you can control functions like music and maps from your car. phone while interacting with the device. It should be noted that the Echo Auto does not have its own speaker. So if you don’t have Bluetooth in your vehicle, you’ll need to use your car radio’s 3.5mm aux input to hear what Alexa is saying.

Final note