How Dr. Gero Became an Android in Dragon Ball – Guide

The Dragon Ball Z Android saga saw the genius Dr.Gero, a remnant of the evil Red Ribbon Army, return to battle as an unstoppable cyborg. The penultimate threats in Dragon Ball Z are the brutal androids, which were designed for the sole purpose of killing Goku and the other Z Fighters. Creating and uploading them in this task was none other than Android 20, aka Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Army. The good doctor was turned into a show final a numbered android to complete his revenge, turning the seemingly fragile old man into a far greater threat. This, of course, raises a lot of questions in terms of how Gero actually became an android, why he did, and why he chose to become the kind of android he was. The show has answers to almost all of this, making what seems like a random decision suddenly much more reasonable.

Who was Android 20?

Dr. Gero was a member of the Red Ribbon Army, creating all of their numbered and advanced droids. One of these humanoid robots, the Frankenstein Monster-style Android 8, would end up befriending a young Goku. Goku and his allies eventually defeated the Red Ribbon Army, with the boy being instrumental in ending his quest for world domination. Gero has apparently always dreamed of using droids to replace the human race, using the resources of the Red Ribbon Army to do so. After the defeat at Goku’s hands, however, Gero went into hiding, hoping to study the young Saiyan further in order to build something to finally defeat him. By building several brand-new droids, numbered 16-19, these assassins were set to eradicate Goku and the Z Fighters. Android 16 was even based on the deceased son of Gero, who was killed in battle. This quest for revenge would cause Gero himself to get his hands dirty on the battlefield.

How and why did Gero become Android 20?

The most obvious reason why Dr. Gero became an android was to actually get revenge on Goku for his destruction of the Red Ribbon Army. Being able to join the fray of the fight would make revenge even more personal. Even when Goku was a child, he probably posed a threat to Gero. This became even greater with Gero’s age, as the old man would pose no danger to Goku in his human form. So, Gero had Android 19 implant its brain inside an android body, becoming Android 20. It was much less organic than 17 and 18, but the fact that it still has a human brain in many ways o it indisputably made a cyborg and not a true android. This shape was an energy drain type rather than an infinite power model, the latter of which was stronger. Still, an energy absorption model has distinct advantages. This would have allowed Gero to drain the energy of the Z Fighters, weakening them while becoming much stronger. Afterwards, he would supposedly have the strength to defeat Goku once and for all. The droids would even succeed in this quest in the Future Trunks timeline, but not in the main universe. Unfortunately for Dr. Gero, things didn’t go as he had planned, and his droid body was decapitated with a kick by Android 17. He would later also be easily defeated by collaborator Dr. Myuu in the now non-canonical Dragon Ball GT. So while revenge is definitely a dish that should be served cold, unfortunately for Gero it was never eaten. Please share this article if you like it!

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