How fix MacBook Overheating After macOS Monterey Update – Guide

We have a solution for you! read all tutorial until the end. Not only do MacBooks face overheating issues, others laptops are also facing this dilemma at the moment. For you, there are many situations where MacBook is overheating, such as: B. MacBook overheats while charging, Mac overheats while gaming, MacBook when closed, MacBook overheats after update on macOS Monterey, Big Sur, Mac Mojave, and more . For all these different reasons, there are some solutions that are given below. If you avoid this problem, there is a huge possibility that some parts of the MacBook Air could be damaged or cause the ICs to fail. So if you are the only one having MacBook overheating issues, prefer the following MacBook Overheating macOS 12 troubleshooter and fix. Pages, Number and iMovie. All of a sudden I get a loud fan noise and I have a lot of heat from the keyboard near the folding area. I check iMovie with my project and the processor overheated in just a few minutes, I close iMovie and everything is fine. And make my MacBook back to normal. Here’s what I do to fix MacBook overheating issue all the time. You should choose the best cooling pads for Apple MacBook laptop.

How to fix MacBook overheating after macOS Monterey update

Make sure your charger is not damaged

Damaged and faulty chargers are often responsible for overheating issues. So, if your MacBook Pro tends to get hot while charging, make sure the charger isn’t faulty. Try charging your MacBook using another charger. If your MacBook doesn’t get hot this time, you’ll need to replace the charger.

Restart your MacBook

If your macOS Monterey device continues to overheat, restart your machine. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and choose Restart from the drop-down menu. Now, use your device for some time to check if the problem is fixed.

Organize your MacBook

If you find your macOS Monterey device overheating after trying the steps above, it’s time to tidy up your machine. if you didn’t clean up your laptop storage for a while, there is a good chance that cluttered storage is behind the overheating problem. To put it simply. When a MacBook’s Storage Gets Clogged up, it starts working slowly, leading to additional issues like battery drain and overheating. So it’s better to clean up storage from time to time. To get started with the cleaning drive, navigate to the Apple menu in the top left corner -> About This Mac -> Storage tab -> Manage. Now take a look at storage consumption and get rid of everything you don’t need anymore.

Keep your macOS up to date

Apple often releases software updates to fix various issues that can resolve and fix the Monterey overheating issue.

Leave your MacBook alone for a while

I understand this might seem like a cliché fix, however there is a real benefit to leaving your MacBook alone for a few hours. If the update was made recently, it is likely that Monterey is still fully integrating your personal data into the operating system. This is a very common occurrence that even happens with software updates on other Apple devices. If you have a few hours to spare, you can leave your MacBook somewhere cool so it doesn’t overheat further while running any necessary background processes. At the same time, now would be a perfect opportunity to take a break from all the tech support you’ve been doing.

Use your Mac on a flat surface

Do not place your MacBook Pro on any soft surface, such as a bed, pillow, or blanket. This will block the airflow. Placing the device on a fabric surface can completely block overflow.

Clean your Mac’s vents

Dirt can cause your macOS Monterey device to overheat. Turn off your MacBook. And disconnect from the power adapter. And gently clean your Mac. Also, find the vents on your Mac and you can use compressed air to blow dust out of the vents. MacBook Pro has side and back vents and MacBook Air has back vents. Try to blow away any debris.

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