How Get Centered Taskbar from Windows 11/10 PC – Guide

If you’ve upgraded your computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you may find that your taskbar is not as configurable and perhaps not as useful as it once was. For example, the familiar Start menu with its configurable dynamic tiles is no longer available. The search box is no longer on the taskbar but is accessed by clicking the start menu in an extra step. (Although the fact that Cortana is no longer automatically part of that search box could at least be considered an advantage by many.) Another thing: the taskbar is now permanently attached to the bottom of the screen. So if you’re more comfortable having them at the top of the screen or on both sides, you’re out of luck. As you can imagine, Windows users are already posting fixes for at least some of these issues as long as you want to tweak your Windows registry.

How to Get Windows 11 Centered Taskbar in Windows 10

without any app

Unlock the taskbar To get started, make sure the taskbar is not blocked. You can disable the taskbar lock by following the steps below:

Bring the taskbar to the center

Lock the taskbar

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