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Microsoft will use the NFL season opener tonight to start pushing Windows 11 through a fantastical ad that seeks to inject a calming vibe into the operating system. The new version won’t start shipping until October 5th, but Microsoft is using the game’s expected large number of views to create buzz for the Windows update, which includes features aimed at making multitasking easier, which has become a necessity as more people work home during the pandemic. This includes functions designed to better organize and navigate between multiple windows open at the same time. Microsoft also connected features it claims to provide a better gaming experience, including a wider color gamut. The ad, which comes from McCann New York and is directed by Tarsem Singh, begins by showing a woman sitting alone in a dark room. She opens up her laptop and you’re taken to an otherworldly experience that dramatizes Windows functions. The ad connects gameplay functions through a cameo that triggers the “Warthog” all-terrain vehicle that will be featured in the next installment of the “Halo” game that will be released later this year. The ad’s soundtrack is “All Starts Now” by Odessa. The operating system is “all about the experience, it’s all about the feel of it – and that’s what we really wanted to see in the ad, the feeling of immersion and fluidity,” says Kathleen Hall, Microsoft corporate vice president for branding, advertising and search. “The way we all live now on our PCs, you go deep, sometimes you get immersed,” she adds. “How much more can we do to get out of the way and facilitate its own flow, it’s really the philosophy of the operating system. We tried to portray that in that ad and that’s why we went on this fantasy journey. ” The campaign includes media purchases on YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Instagram and TikTok, as well as outdoor ads in major cities including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Enthusiasm for Windows releases may never again reach the level it reached 26 years ago when Windows 95 was first released. It was supported by a massive campaign that made use of the “Start me up, ”As well as “Friends” stars ”Jennifer Anniston and Mathew Perry. But operating system upgrades remain a significant priority for Microsoft, which, according to CNBC, still generates 14% of its revenue from Windows. The latest version, Windows 10, was released in 2015. “Windows is no longer the beating heart from Microsoft; the company has diversified its offerings, with cloud services like Azure or Microsoft 365 playing a more central role in the company’s revenue generation and growth,” said JP Gownder, principal analyst at Forrester, in an email interview. “That said, Windows remains relevant for both Microsoft and users: we learned during the pandemic that for all the time we spent on our phones, PCs play an important role in connecting employees (and consumers) digitally. Windows PCs will be critical to the success of the biggest change in a generation in the way we work – hybrid work that encompasses home company offices and offices,” said Gonder. Curiosity about the latest version is exemplified by the nearly 7 million views gained by a video Microsoft posted on YouTube on final June that connects Windows 11 features.

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