How Samsung’s 200MP camera sensor sets a new record – Guide

Samsung today unveiled its new Isocell HP1, which has 200 megapixels, making it the first mobile camera sensor to reach this limit. This may sound ridiculous, but there’s more to it than just raw megapixels. The key to the Isocell HP1, as with all these megapixels mobile camera sensors, it’s pixel binning. This process takes a group of pixels from the sensor and blends them to simulate larger pixels. This also results in more manageable file sizes as the stored images would be 12.5 MP or 25 MP. The Isocell HP1 is also the debut of Samsung’s new “ChameleonCell” technology, which provides adaptive pixel binning depending on lighting. This brings us to another important specification of the image sensor: the pixel size.

Samsung’s new sensor

Samsung’s Latest Oversized camera sensor is the “Isocell HP1”. It has a 200 MP sensor, which makes it the highest resolution smartphone camera sensor already made. If you saved a full resolution image of it, you would be finished up with something like an image of 16,384 × 12,288. Megapixels don’t matter – what matters most for image quality is the size of each pixel, as larger pixels (and larger sensors) capture more light. Samsung is trying to cover both bases with pixel binning, however, which merges multiple pixels into a larger pixel for low-light situations. The HP1 features an “all new” variable pixel-binning technology called “ChameleonCell”, which allows the sensor bin to be either 2×2 or 4×4, depending on the amount of light.

200 MP sensor

At 4×4, you are reducing the sensor from 200MP down to 12.5MP when merging sets of 16 pixels. This will turn 0.64 µm full resolution pixels into respectable ​​2.56 µm pixels, which Samsung claims “is capable of greater light absorption and sensitivity, producing clearer, sharper photos indoors or at night. ”.

Another sensor from Samsung

Another oversized sensor from Samsung on the market is the GN2, which showed up on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and one or two others phones. The GN2 is just a 50MP sensor, but with quad-pixel binning, it would go for a pixel size of 2.8μm. The GN2 is a larger overall sensor with larger pixels, so on paper it should still be able to shoot better. Samsung says its 200 MP sensor is in the sampling stage now. We are sure that some Android OEM will take the company up on offer soon.

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How Samsung s 200MP camera sensor sets a new record  2022  - 44How Samsung s 200MP camera sensor sets a new record  2022  - 75How Samsung s 200MP camera sensor sets a new record  2022  - 17How Samsung s 200MP camera sensor sets a new record  2022  - 45