How the new Windows 11 features work – Guide

Windows 11 is just around the corner, with a new design and several new ones features designed to optimize your PC and help you be more productive, whether you’re using your laptop or tablet in home or in the office. Here are the best new Windows 11 features we’ve seen them announced so far and how you’ll use them, based on what Microsoft has demonstrated. Plus, you can still try the beta version before launch. (And be sure to check how to tell if your PC will be compatible with Windows 11 and how to download Windows 11 for free as soon as it is released.)

six new features on Windows 11 and how to use them

android apps

What it is: Android apps will be integrated into Windows 11 natively through the new Microsoft Store – a change that Windows users have been waiting for for years. Although you can access Android apps on your Windows 10 PC in certain cases (like if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone), Windows 11 marks the first time that everyone will be able to download them directly to their PC. (Here’s everything you need to know about Android apps on Windows 11.)


What it is: Windows 11 will add Widgets to the interface – a customizable AI-powered feed that displays information such as news, weather, a glimpse of your calendar, to-do list, and recent photos. Widgets are similar to a feature called news and interests found in a recent Windows 10 update. How you’re going to use it: in the redesigned taskbar, you’ll find a button for Widgets. When you click or tap on it, a panel slides across the left side of the screen with a series of widgets that provide the at-a-glance information you’re looking for. You can also expand it to full screen.

Microsoft Teams

What it is: Windows 11 will build Teams from Microsoft’s video chat platform directly into the operating system, making it easier to access for everyday use. You can connect with others in Teams on Windows, Android, Mac or iOS. How you will use it: Teams will now appear in the taskbar. Click the Teams icon to launch a chat tool, allowing you to choose whether you want to message, text, voice or video call one of your contacts. Click Meet or Chat and choose who you want to contact. Or open the full version of Microsoft teams by clicking the box at the bottom of the chat screen.

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