How to Accept a Previously Declined Event in Outlook – Guide

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information management software system from Microsoft available as part of the Microsoft Office suite. While primarily an email client, Outlook also includes features such as calendar, task management, contact management, notes, journaling and web browsing. Have you ever declined an event request only to find that you need to accept it and still participate? What happens to these declined invites? We explain where to go and how to accept a previously rejected event in Outlook. When you receive an invitation in Outlook, your calendar shows it as tentative. This is a useful indicator for taking action and accepting or rejecting. If you agree, it’s on your calendar. But if you decline, the invite will disappear. If you decline to join a meeting, the original meeting request will be sent to the Deleted Items folder. It will not be saved to your calendar. So, if you want to accept a previously declined meeting, you must first go to the Deleted Items folder. It is important to note here that if the Deleted Items folder has been emptied, the Accept and Attempt options will not be visible to you and you will not be able to accept the previously declined meeting invitation. Ask the meeting organizer to forward the original meeting request.

How to accept a previously declined event in Microsoft Outlook

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