How to Access Another Desktop remotely from PC – Guide

Remote access can be used for different purposes. For example, it can be used by your team members to gain access to the office desktop when working remotely. Remote access can also be used to provide customer support. The type of remote access resources your company requires depends on the intended purpose of your remote access activities. Assisted remote access solutions require an authorized person to be physically present at the machine you want to remotely connect to to grant access. It is typically used to provide remote support, allowing customer support technicians to provide direct, instant support. As you might expect, assisted remote access solutions require the user to final be present with your device to provide authorization. This means that assisted remote access features cannot be used, for example, to remotely connect to your own PC, unless someone is available to fulfill your request. Therefore, assisted remote access is probably not appropriate for situations that require unexpected or immediate remote access to the desktop. For companies that use standalone remote access software to provide support, standalone remote access allows them to provide intermittent support services and perform equipment maintenance activities. A technical support team will likely use it to provide instant support and leverage it for infrastructure management.

Remote computer access using Google Chrome

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