How to Access Family Purchases in the Mac App Store – Guide

However, over the same multi-year period, many developers have transitioned from one-time app purchase prices to ongoing subscription fees. Family Sharing could not take advantage of this directly as subscriptions were all tied to an individual Apple ID when purchased from the App Store. Some developers have provided a familiar option, offering it on their website and linking it to an app via an account login. It’s cumbersome and doesn’t offer developers the same security in limiting the scope of use. Developers can offer specific Family Sharing subscription levels or upgrade an existing or regular subscription level to include all members of a Family Sharing group. A scan of the apps I use and the App Store shows that only a few developers have found this useful for them so far, while others have yet to implement it or perhaps never will. This worked very well for families who didn’t want to pay multiple times for the same app for collective or individual purposes, and where developers felt it made sense to reduce potential income in favor of increasing goodwill. It’s impossible to know how many apps allow the sharing of Family Sharing purchases (there’s no count), but informally it seems most do. Apple shares all the paid apps I’ve reviewed, including their professional software like Logic Pro and Final Professional Cut.

Go to the App Store and select View My Account

Choose ‘View my account’ and click the View information reflected option in the upper right corner. One is asked to enter the Apple ID account information to validate access to the information in detail.

Select Manage and open Share new subscriptions

Tap the Manage option displayed next to the Subscriptions item at the bottom of the account information. At the top of the signatures view, you can check the Share New Subscriptions box to see which subsequent subscriptions are immediately available to Family Sharing members.

edit subscriptions

Now, click Edit next to any subscription to see if one qualifies for it or not. A checkbox next to Share with the family will appear. If not, you can opt for it.

Final note

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