How to Access Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 11 PC – Guide

By default, Windows 11 hides certain system and app files/folders like its predecessors. This ensures that the user does not accidentally delete important system files whose absence would make it unstable. Most days, you don’t want to be bothered by Windows hidden files on your computer. After all, the last thing the average Windows user needs is more data to deal with. In some rare cases, or if you know what you’re getting yourself into, you might need to access these hidden files to make changes to Windows apps or system settings. These hidden files are not immediately visible when you open their parent folders in File Explorer. And is guides you through the steps required to show hidden files and folders using Explorer Options, Windows Command Prompt, and PowerShell, two of the most powerful methods for this purpose. In Windows 11, you have a new version of File Explorer that moves away from the ribbon in favor of a more minimalistic menu of basic commands. As a result, some settings are now harder to find, such as the option to show hidden files. The View tab is no longer available in File Explorer, but you can still show hidden files and folders in the new menu and using Folder Options.

How to Show hidden files and folders on Windows 11 PC

Show hidden files and folders from File Explorer

The easiest way to show hidden files and folders in Windows 11 is using File Explorer. There are two ways to do this based on whether you are using the default File Explorer minimalist view in Windows 11 or the traditional Windows 10 look and feel with the detailed banner at the top. Here are the two methods:

Enable ‘Show hidden files’ option using control panel

Enable ‘Show hidden files’ option in Windows 11 settings

You can also enable the ‘Show hidden files…’ option in Windows 11 using the Settings menu. See how it works:

Show hidden files and folders in command prompt

Show hidden files in Windows PowerShell

If you really like command line methods, you can also use Windows PowerShell to see hidden files and folders in Windows 11. Here’s how:

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