The basics of smartphone cameras go beyond just pressing the large button. Some tools aid in shot setup, while others give you more exposure control. Some are merely practical or stylish. These traits, nevertheless, aren’t always simple to locate. In response, we are here.

5 Ways to access iPhone camera faster with hidden feature

Quickly Access Your iPhone Camera

The default camera app for the iPhone may be opened quickly and easily. To unlock your phone, you don’t even need to input your passcode. Wake up your locked iPhone simply touching the screen or holding down the Power button. (On iPhones, you may hit the circular Home button that is located at the bottom of the screen.) To launch the Camera app, simply slide left across the lock screen.

Switch On The Camera Grid For Better Compositions

It guarantees that the horizons in your landscape photographs are level. Additionally, it may be used to arrange your photo using the rule of thirds. One of the oldest compositional principles is the rule of thirds. It claims that positioning your subject or horizon off-center will make your shot appear more appealing. Place the horizon along one of the horizontal gridlines using the grid. Alternately, locate your topic at one of the points where the lines converge.

Set Focus & Exposure For High-Quality Images

It’s crucial to make sure your subject is clearly in focus. Your photo will look like an amateur snapshot if the subject is blurry. Your image’s brightness is referred to as exposure. It won’t appear well if it is either under-exposed (too dark) or over-exposed (too bright).

Use Burst Mode For Incredible Action Shots

When they push the shutter button for an excessive amount of time, most individuals only accidentally discover burst mode. You may shoot a burst of images quickly by pressing and holding the shutter button. One of the finest iPhone camera tips for capturing moving subjects is this one. Since you’re very certain to acquire at least one excellent snapshot in the series, it makes it simple to grab the ideal action photograph.

Create Stunning Long Exposures With Live Photos

Did you know that the iPhone’s built-in Camera app can capture stunning long exposure images? You may get a slow shutter effect by using the long exposure function. This causes any movement to seem blurry.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to access iPhone camera faster with hidden feature. You’re at a gathering or an activity like a hike in a stunning location. You snap pictures with your iPhone, but you don’t want to carry it around all the time. But you also need easy access to the camera so you can take pictures when amazing opportunities present themselves. Apple now allows rapid access to the camera from the lock screen for iPhone users. When you tap the little camera symbol on the front screen, iOS immediately launches the camera.

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