The msconfig.exe executable is another name for the System Configuration Utility. It is employed to control Windows startup and startup options and to investigate performance and stability issues. All these tasks can be accomplished using this useful tool, but first you have to open it. We will demonstrate three ways to Windows 11 Users to Access MSConfig🇧🇷

Ways to Access MSConfig in Windows 11

Open MsConfig with Command Prompt

Go to Safe Mode with MsConfig

Use the Run command

The “Run” command can be used to launch MsConfig, as in previous versions of Windows. O “Run”The window will open if you press the keyboard shortcut “Windows key + R.” When you type “msconfig” in the text box and press Enter or OK, the MsConfig window will appear.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to Access MSConfig in Windows 11. System Configuration, commonly known as MSConfig, is a useful troubleshooting tool that has been a component of Windows since 1998. With the help of this handy utility, you can modify startup settings and services enabled (or disabled) when starting your operating system. By setting this you can prevent Windows from starting up with any incompatible applications or services.

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