How to access the Android 12 Easter egg – Guide

Going back to Android 2.3, Google has included an Easter egg in all Android versions up up to and including Android 12. You’ll find it on any Android phone, and it’s generally a fun little game to play. Android 12 is no exception, and you can find it in the same place as most other Android Easter eggs. let’s show you how to track it and how to unlock the final Image.

How to access the easter egg from android 12

Android 12’s Easter egg localization process is very simple. this will open up the game that predates the Android 12 Easter Egg. This is a clock face that is shaped like a gear or a circle with a serrated edge. Inside the watch face are a blue hour hand and a gray minute hand. Initially they will be pointed at the 11:00 position with the minute hand pointing directly up and the hour hand pointing up and to the left. Anywhere you tap inside the watch face, the minute hand will jump there and move in a circle with your finger. You can move the minute hand to any time and the hour hand will move accordingly. To unlock the final image, move your finger in a circle to set the clock to 12:00 (both hands pointing up) When you release the clock hands in this position, the final The Easter egg image will be revealed. O final the image is the number “12” in a big purple polka dot. Around this point are hundreds of smaller balls of various sizes and colors. Colors range from dark gray to very light blue. Unfortunately, the points themselves cannot be moved. Previous versions of Android Easter eggs included mobile elements in the final Image. That is not the case here. However, each time you open the Easter egg, the other marbles will be in different positions, so you’ll get a new design each time. These aren’t the most exciting Easter eggs ever, but we like to play with the clock hands for a while before we get to the final Image. As of this writing, this is the Easter egg associated with the fifth beta of Android 12, so it’s possible that the Easter egg will have more functionality in the final release. We will be sure to update this article if appropriate.

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