How to Activate COVID-19 Contact Tracing on iPhone – Guide

Contact tracing programs are slowly rolling out in individual states across the country, and many smartphone users are being encouraged to sign up. up for the first time now. For example, Apple’s iOS updates in September included releases of backend “exposure alerts” features for most iPhones, government health officials may already be working with these tech giants in your area. The whole system is based on Bluetooth functions, on Apple or Android devices. people who sign up for digital contact tracing allow your phones routinely broadcast an invisible beacon throughout the day, “a series of random numbers not tied to a user’s identity,” according to Apple. When you are in public, others phones listen and exchange their flags with yours, creating a record when two people “cross” so to speak. This record is only retained for 14 days before being deleted (and users can manually delete records any time before that point). Contact tracing depends on Apple and Android users who have signed up up so that the program can report that they have tested positive for COVID-19 at any time. If someone confirms your diagnosis, the program will ask for a notification to be sent every phone that has recently exchanged beacons with that user’s device.

How to turn on COVID-19 exposure notifications on your iPhone

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