How to Activate Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode with this Emoji – Guide

playing it button takes you to the Facebook Messenger settings menu. There you will see a new option called “Dark Mode”. Next to it is an alternation button that you tap to activate dark mode. At its developer conference last year, Facebook promised it would bring Dark Mode to Messenger; It looks like the company is finally releasing the feature. Instead of activating it through the settings menu, you have to rely on an Easter egg to activate dark mode – on Android and iOS – and it involves sending an emoji. As soon as you enable dark mode, Facebook will show a message informing you that this feature is still being worked on, so you won’t see dark mode everywhere in Messenger. It may also look broken in places. It is currently unclear whether this method works across all countries and platforms, but Redditors from the Philippines, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia report that it worked for them. It also worked on our Android smartphones in India and at headquarters, Android and iOS, so it’s safe to say it’s widely used and will be official sooner rather than later.

Activate Facebook Messenger Dark Mode with an Emoji

Dark mode was already out of reach for most Facebook users as it required root access. But that has probably changed now. Newer versions of Facebook Messenger include a dark mode easter egg. This allows any user to activate dark mode without resorting to rooting, tricks, or hack. To enable dark mode on Facebook Messenger, simply send a rising mood emoji to everyone, exit and return to the app. For some it doesn’t work. In that case, press and hold the crescent moon emoji and you’ll see a notification at the top that says something like “You’ve found dark mode!” If you’re having trouble finding the crescent moon emoji, it’s right there, as shown in the screenshot below. Not only on Facebook Messenger, you can also enjoy dark mode or black theme on YouTube for Android without ads and background playback. If you want to enjoy it on YouTube, here is the official way to get it now. It may take a few reps and probably more. Keep trying to do something with the moon emoji if it doesn’t work. Send a small one, press and send a large one, tap and hold the falling crescent moon emojis, etc. It’s not entirely clear what actually triggers it, but it has something to do with the crescent moon emoji.

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