How To Activate God Mode On Windows – Guide

Windows is extremely customizable and power users tweak everything, but some of the most common settings are in the Control Panel. if you read our guide to the Control Panel, you know how many useful configuration options can be found there, but the menus can be difficult to navigate. That’s where God Mode comes in, a system shortcut that lets you access all Control Panel items in one convenient place (not like a cheat code for a video game!). Want to tweak and customize your Windows OS to your liking? So GodMode is the feature you must achieve. For those who don’t know: GodMode is a feature which brings together hundreds of OS-related settings in one place. It allows you to control all settings, functions and all other important things with a single click in one place. With GodMode, you can easily access Windows’ extensive tweaks and customization options on your desktop. For example, if a user wants to customize the notification area on the taskbar, adjust the monitor resolution, or make changes to the folder options, all this can be easily done in the GodMode folder. The God Mode feature works on all versions of Windows, including 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as Windows OS 7, 8, and 10. By enabling GodMode in Windows, you can see all control panel settings and shortcuts in one folder.

How to Enable GodMode on Windows

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