How to Add a Dropdown List to a Microsoft Word Document – Guide

A Word drop-down list lets you quickly select one of several options. It’s a quick way to create new documents with a standardized template. Fear not, it’s easy to create, although the word “developer” is involved. we will show you how to create drop-down lists, change the boring pattern “Pick an item”. text and add other text if the dropdown doesn’t have what you need. Word automatically makes the display name and value the same – this is what you want in most situations. The display name is what appears in the editable document and in the final printed document. The value is stored in the document for programmatic retrieval. If you need to make changes, just click on the display name and select “Change”. If you want to clear the selection, you can choose Remove or move the selection up and down the list. Drop-down lists can be anywhere there is a choice of options. Selection of a product, a department, a location. We’ll stick with the most common usage, the honorific “Dear…” at the beginning of a letter. From here, a drop-down box will be added to your document, which you can customize. To customize, select the Properties tab in the Controls group.

Add the dropdown form control

To work with form controls in Word, you must use the Developer tab. If you don’t see this tab, you can easily add it by following our instructions, How to Enable the Developer tab on the Microsoft Office Ribbon.

Create the drop-down list

Next, you’ll add the list items, give the control a name, and adjust some other settings to your preference. Select the control, go back to the Developer tab and click Properties in the Controls section of the ribbon.

Display as:

Color and Style:

remove control


Add your list items

Final note

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