How to Add a Printer to Windows 11 – Guide

Windows 11 is the latest major version of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system, announced on June 24, 2021 and is the successor to Windows 10, released in 2015. Windows 11 was released to the public on October 5, 2021. Windows Update on eligible devices running Windows 10 and a free update via the Windows 11 Setup Assistant. Windows 11 features major changes to the Windows Shell affected by the canceled Windows 10X, including a redesigned Start menu, replacing its “Live Tiles” with a separate “Widgets” panel on the taskbar, creating tiled sets of windows. capacity is included.

How to Add a printer to Windows 11 automatically

If Windows can identify the printer automatically, the installation only takes a few minutes and there is nothing you need to do except click on a few buttons.

How to Manually Add a Printer to Windows 11

If your computer is not automatically recognizing the printer, you can try adding it manually.

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