How to Add and Configure Widgets in Telegram – Guide

Telegram needs to be the main app when one thinks of a chat app and therefore the app prefers not to pass up any features that another app offers and Telegram doesn’t. The app delivered another adaptation yesterday that comes with ‘Widgets’ which we will let you know about. widgets were introduced in iOS with iOS 14 while they are a piece of Android since the early days of the OS. You can place widgets on your home screen where they give you quick data on what’s happening inside the app so you don’t have to open the app and then dive in and go to that particular page.

How to add and configure all Telegram Widgets?

Telegram allows us to make infinite options how to send reminders, play music, videos and add widgets. To do this on Android, you will have to have the application updated to its latest version, for this you just have to go to Google Play and press the button button says ‘Update’. I go to the home your cell phone screen phone and apply some pressure to an empty space. You will see that different options appear, click on the one that says ‘Widgets’. A list will appear, in which you will have to look for the ones from Telegram, select all the ones you want and place them in the place on the screen where you want them to be. To add the Widgets in IOS you will have to do the same procedure, press the screen, now press the + sign, by doing this, the menu will appear where you will look for the application. When you press on the Widgets you want, it is immediately added to the desktop, but if you don’t like the location, you can change its position. Repeat this process if you want to add other people to your cell phone. To edit them you will have to press their icon, press the option ‘Edit Widgets’ and by doing this we can add all the chats. To edit it from Android, the process will be the same and will even let you see how the Widgets will appear on the main screen. There aren’t many Widgets, but new ones can appear every time, to get them you’ll have to keep Telegram up to date.

What are Telegram Widgets?

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