How to Add Family Members to Your Microsoft 365 Plan – Guide

If you have multiple people in your household who want to use Microsoft Office, the Microsoft 365 family plan is easy. The Individual plan costs $70 per year, which means you can add up for five more people to the plan for just $30. Best of all, each member also has access to 1. To check who is using your Microsoft 365 family plan, open your browser and visit the Microsoft Account Sharing page again. Scroll down to the section on Start Sharing button. Here you can see who you’re sharing your Microsoft 365 family plan with. To remove someone from your family plan, click Stop sharing next to their name. First, open the browser and visit the Microsoft 365 website, sign in with your account and go to the family account sharing page by clicking the sharing tab. At the Share page, click Start Sharing. The basic Microsoft 365 subscription plan is Microsoft 365 Personal. Each subscription allows use for only 1 person. It will include 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage and access to premium apps and Outlook email. However, if you and the people in home everyone wants to have a Microsoft 365 subscription account, the best thing to use is the Microsoft 365 family plan.

How to Share your Microsoft 365 Family subscription plan for multiple users in your family

now that you signed up for Microsoft 365 family plan, it’s time to share it and add multiple users to the account, including your friends and family members. Follow the steps below to learn how to Manage and share Office apps and storage with your Microsoft 365 Family subscription plan.

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