How To Add Gesture Unlock Feature On Android Device – Guide

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin – and if you’re an Android geek who loads maps (hi!) phone’s ever-evolving navigation system, there’s a little more security you can do to get the most out of Android’s current gesture layout. I’ve been obsessively fiddling with Android gestures for about 642 years, and in the process I’ve found some quite useful. tricks to unlock its many hidden layers and possibilities. So hot up your tentacles and gently stretch your thumbs: here are 10 Android gestures tips to help you move phone like a professional. There are many reasons to want gesture controls on your Android. These reasons can range from need to misbehavior. button, the ease of use, the desire to feel like Star Wars. Because of that, this feature is becoming more common on newer devices. For example, check how to take a screenshot on S7. But don’t you need a newer device for that, maybe a Samsung? As a matter of fact. Instead, you can supplement with apps, launchers, and even browsers. You can associate gestures like shake or swipe to open other apps, services, websites, settings, music and bookmarks.

Step to Add Gesture Unlock Feature on android

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