Additionally, users can subscribe to paid subscription tiers for either individuals or corporations to get help with more difficult problems including fluency, tone, clarity, plagiarism, and other things. This freemium subscription is what you need if you’re seeking for something more comprehensive than Microsoft Word‘s spelling and grammar checker. We have mentioned steps below to Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word

Steps To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word

Set Up Grammarly

Visit and create a free or premium account there using your most reliable email address or social media login. Check out our comparison of Grammarly Free vs. Grammarly Premium if you’re not sure which version to choose.

Download Grammarly for Your Computer

Go to the app area on the left-hand toolbar inside the Grammarly online app. Now, download the necessary Mac or Windows application. Finish installing Grammarly and sign into your account. The simplest way to use Grammarly inside Word is through the Grammarly app, which works with all writing programmes.

Use Word as Normal

As usual, type in or edit documents using Microsoft Word. By pressing F7 or the standard grammar checker, you can still check for mistakes in grammar. However, check for the floating Grammarly icon in Word when you wish to edit.

Grammar Check Your Work

While you work, Grammarly automatically examines your Word documents for grammatical and spelling errors. Click inside a cell to navigate through the errors and correct them using the tooltip. Start by correcting the important grammar errors—those highlighted in red. Next, go on to the additional, blue-underlined ideas for clarity and engagement.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word. There are many methods to use Grammarly’s services, including a desktop application, browser extensions, a mobile keyboard, and a website. You may either drag and drop your Word document into the Grammarly desktop application for immediate assistance with revisions, or you can use Grammarly directly in the Microsoft programme.

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