How to add home screen widgets to your iPhone – Guide

Widgets are mini versions of your apps that sit on your iPhone home screen, providing information quickly or giving instant access to a variety of tasks without having to shoot up the app always. These useful squares can be used in a wide variety of useful ways, or they can simply help make your home more personal screen. While they used to be a feature found only on android phonesSince the release of iOS 14 last year, iPhone users can also use widgets from many app developers, including big names like Spotify, Gmail, Outlook and more.

How to install a new widget on your iPhone

Press and hold on an empty area of ​​your iPhone home screen. When the app icons start to wobble, as you saw when rearranging the apps, you’ll see a small + icon appear in the upper left corner of your phone. touch and bring up the widgets menu. You will then be presented with a variety of widgets available to you, including all of Apple’s own (such as Fitness, Photos, and Maps). Scroll down and you will find a list of all your installed apps that offer home screen widgets. touching one will bring up a new menu that shows the various widgets available for that specific application. Tapping Lightroom, for example, will give you the option to add a small square to quickly snap a photo with the front or back camera or to access various learning resources. The Spotify widget, in turn, will display your most recently played playlists. Click on Add widget button below will, surprise surprise, add this widget to your home canvas, which you can drag wherever you want. Want to get rid of it? Long press on the widget and a Remove widget option will appear.

Love widgets? Choose Android

While the introduction of widgets with iOS 14 was welcomed, they are quite limited in what they can do. Google’s Gmail widget, for example, only offers the option to tap to start a new email and shows the number of unread emails. On Android, you can put a Gmail widget on your home screen that will show your real inbox, making it very simple to see what new messages need to be replied to. The number of widgets available on Android from other apps is generally much greater, with much more flexibility in what you can do with each widget when it’s placed on your home screen. If you love the idea of ​​fully customizing yours phone with widgets from all your favorite apps, Android is the way to go.

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