How to Add Local User Account On Windows 11 PC – Guide

Microsoft is getting more aggressive in pressuring Windows users to use a Microsoft account. This is even more evident in Windows 11. Fortunately, if you don’t want to link your Windows 11 account to your Microsoft account, you still have the option to set up a local account. Add a new local account in Windows 11 When you share your Windows 11 PC, it makes a lot of sense to create different accounts to give each one their own credentials, personalized access to their own files and preferred settings – In this case, create an account local for all Windows 11 users is the fastest way as it is super fast and you don’t have to convince everyone to create a Microsoft account. Typically, you will want to set up a device with a Microsoft account as it has other benefits such as seamless integration with various services and files and syncing settings between devices. However, if you think the cloud-based account type isn’t for you, you can use the Settings app, command prompt, and PowerShell to create a local account that won’t connect to Microsoft services. You might want to share your computer with others, so you’ll need to add a new user to Windows 11. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Add New Windows 11 User Through Settings

Create a new user via the command prompt

Add New Windows 11 User Without Microsoft Account

Now set the credentials for the new user. This includes the username, password. To save the data, click “Next”, you have successfully created a new user.

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