How to Add Loyalty and Membership Cards to Google Pay – Guide

While Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are the most popular options for many, Google Pay is arguably more versatile as you can use it on virtually any smartphone. This involves downloading the app on an iPhone, which cannot be said for Samsung Pay. And while Google Pay has gone through some drastic changes in the past year, it’s still a great app and service for those who prefer to use their phones instead of physical cards or cash. But in addition to paying for goods with GPay, you can use it to store and access any membership or loyalty programs you are a part of. Adding loyalty and membership cards to Google Pay is as easy as you’d expect. It’s a little different from the old way of doing things since the old app was replaced earlier this year. Before starting, you must make sure that you have downloaded the new GPay app and are not using the older version. Now that your loyalty and membership cards are available in the Google Pay app, you really want to use them. And even if you can’t scan the apps at checkout, you’re still in luck.

Add loyalty and membership cards to Google Pay

Although loyalty cards are present in the iPhone and iPad app, it is not possible to add them. You will need an Android device to do this.

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