How to Add Metadata to a Photo in Photoshop – Guide

Simply put it is; Data that describes other data. Meta is a prefix meaning “an underlying definition or description” in most information technology applications. Metadata summarizes basic information about data that can make it easier to find and work with specific instances of data. Open a Photoshop file. a PSD or open an image in Photoshop. When you open a photo, it contains a lot of metadata. You can edit this metadata if needed. If you created the image in Photoshop, it contains very little metadata. The default metadata settings in Photoshop add the author’s name and creation date, among other things. data like keywords like; blue sky, plane, interior, flight deck, etc. It can also be a title, description, tags, photographer information, copyright information, and you can even list your website in the metadata of each image file. That way, the important information you want to keep with that image is embedded in the file itself. It’s searchable, so it’s much easier to find your “Godzilla in front of the snowy mountains” image, for example (see image above). Without this searchable information, it could take a while to find your award-winning photo if you find it before the deadline.

How do you add metadata?

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