How to Add Missing Roads in Google Maps – Guide

With Google Maps, you can easily navigate your world. What makes Google Maps more valuable is that it covers over 220 countries, hundreds of millions of businesses and points of interest. With Google Maps, you can get turn-by-turn directions, find nearby attractions and places, and much more. However, like all other Android navigation apps, Google Maps has some flaws. It does not cover all roads and streets. Sometimes the information provided may be incorrect or incomplete. To deal with all these issues, Google has introduced a new user contribution feature on Google Maps. The latest version of Google Maps allows users to add missing roads to maps. In this article, we share a breakdown guide in how to add missing roads in Google Maps for Android. This means that Google Maps doesn’t always show if a road is closed; Also, many roads are missing from the navigation app. All this can easily make someone get lost on an unfamiliar road. To resolve these issues, Google has always tried to fix the necessary changes and add new information to Google Maps. Google is now implementing a new feature which allows users to add missing streets to the Google Maps application.

How to add missing roads in google maps?

The steps taken can also be repeated on the web version of Google Maps to suggest that Google add a missing road or a road that does not exist.

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